Our History

   Our story begins many years ago when, in the mid 1960's, next to Polydrosso's gully, in Chalandri, a small grocery store started operating, serving tidbits and wine in the few small tables outside.
   In 1969, this grocery store evolved into a taverna under the name "Beautiful Euboea" ("Oraia Evia") – due to Euboean origins – where people frequenting Polydrosso were coming to drink their wine accompanied by several delicacies. In the years that followed, the specialty dish which stood out was the classic beef stew ("vrasto"), which consisted of beef, potatoes, carrots and celery in broth (consommé). As the customers started using the word "stew" when arranging to meet ("...let's go for a stew...", "...we'll meet for a stew...", they unintentionally imposed the new name of the taverna, which was renamed to "To Vrasto" (the stew) and became a reference point initially for the residents of the northern suburbs of Athens and later on of the entire Attica.
   1982 has been a landmark year for the families Sylira and Fountotou, who have joined forces under the same roof in order to offer honest food in an unpretentious and welcoming place. The sons of these two families gradually started getting involved in the restaurant business; during holidays and free weekends, they wouldn't miss the chance to work as waiters and learn techniques and gain experience in the mass food service.
   Eventually, in 2010, the management was passed into the hands of the younger generation, which brought a refreshing change in the restaurant, always with respect to its history and tradition.

Our Philosophy

   Our main principle, all these years, is the use of top quality ingredients, which starts with carefully selecting our suppliers. Fresh ingredients are turned into home-cooked and original dishes with simple but rich flavour, inspired by our Greek tradition; the menu is structured around a fixed selection of classic dishes and alternating daily specials depending on the availability of fresh seasonal ingredients.
   Our reference for good food; Our sincere and honest approach towards customers are the reasons why three generations of customers – with many of which lifelong relationships where developed- trust us; guarantee the timeless character of the taverna, as well as an even better future, always based on the excellent quality/price relation.
The friendly staff of Vrasto welcomes you each time, offering you a fast and discrete service, being always ready to serve you at any moment and meet any need you may have.
   Today, by preserving its family character and offering a place to relax and enjoy, daydream and laugh, have fun and escape from the everyday life, we are committed to offer you quality food every day, compensating you, in this way, for your decision to visit us.